The EINY school uniform is available from Lands End. We chose Lands End because we like the fabrics they use, their prices are competitive, and their customer service has been good.

How to order?

To order, go directly to EINY’s uniform page.

Our school code is: 900133679

Select “Boys” or “Girls” and a complete list of all EINY items will be displayed.

When the logo is required, it will be displayed on the item’s page.

We have listed below the items that are required and optional.

The system on Lands End Website does not make it possible, for example, to tell parents of girls that they need to choose between the dress, the skirt, and pants available only from another vendor. To take another example, the Lands End ordering system does not show that some items are optional, or that the rugby shirt is to be worn on Fridays.

Preschool (nursery, pre-K and K) students have two gym sessions per week.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at uniform@einy.org or at (646) 410-2238.

  • Gray pants
    • Long pants
    • Short pants
  • White shirt (long sleeve or  short sleeve)
  • Navy blue blazer (no logo)
  • Navy blue vest with logo or sweater with logo
  • Navy blue and crimson striped tie
  • Burgundy rugby shirt with logo (Fridays)
  • Black shoes (do not have to be purchased from Lands End)
  • Black, gray, or navy blue socks (do not have to be purchased from Lands End)
  • Navy blue fleece jacket with logo (optional)

Gym clothes for boys

  •  Burgundy polo shirt with logo
  •  Navy blue athletic shorts
  •  Navy blue athletic jacket with logo or sweatshirt with logo
  •  Navy blue athletic pants or sweatpants
Size chart
  • Burgundy and gray plaid skirt or dress


  • Gray pants - pleated front - smaller sizes, larger sizes (these pants are not from Lands End because Lands End does not carry suitable girls pants in gray).
  • White shirt -  Peter Pan collar
    • long sleeve  - with ruffles, no ruffles
    • short sleeve - with ruffles, no ruffles
  •  Navy blue blazer (no logo) or burgundy cardigan sweater with logo
  •  Burgundy ruby shirt with logo (Fridays)
  •  Black shorts - do not have to be purchased from Lands End

Optional for girls

  • White cable knee socks or tights
  • Burgundy and gray plaid belt
  • Burgundy and gray plaid headband
  • Burgundy and gray plaid or solid gray hair scrunchy
  • Burgundy fleece jacket with logo

Gym clothes for girls

  • Burgundy polo shirt with logo
  • Navy blue athletic shorts
  • Navy blue athletic jacket with logo or sweatshirt with logo
  • Navy blue athletic pants or sweatpants
Size chart