Hot lunch program

Current lunch menu 

Our school lunch provider is The Chefs Agency.

  • You may visit the Chefs Agency’s website at
  • Lunches include three items: small salad, an entrée (vegetable included) and a dessert.
  • Only water will be served during each lunch, no sodas and no drinks containing sugars and caffeine.
  • A monthly menu will be listed on the school’s website.
  • All participants (students and teachers) must commit to buying lunches during the whole school year.
  • Parents must report all allergies to the School Office and indicate it also on your Lunch Registration Form.
  • The hot lunch program starts on the first day of school.
Download the 2014-2015 lunch registration form here


Total cost for 2014-2015: $1,390

Please fill out the Hot Lunch Program Registration form and return to the school. Please make checks payable to Ecole Internationale de New York.

Other lunch option

  • If you don’t wish to participate in the hot lunch program, your child MUST bring a lunch box. Teachers will heat the food in a microwave.
  • Please prepare healthy lunches at home. Increase portions as you child grows. Do not put a glass bottle in the lunch box. Thermos bottles are allowed. Put various foods in plastic bags or small containers.
  • You might want to discuss the content of the lunch box with your child. Food left uneaten will be returned in the lunch box to the home. Please NO candies or gum and in the lunch box or the school bag!
  • In order to abide to our Peanut Free School policy, The Chefs Agency and parents will NOT serve/prepare any food containing peanut products, and sweet drinks or sodas.