Middle School: Faculty

The EINY Co-founders have intentionally selected faculty with expertise in teaching not just middle- but also high school. These educators, who all have experience teaching in international schools, know first-hand which competencies and knowledge middle school students must acquire in order to be successful in high school. They will prepare them well for the competitive admissions process of top private and public high school programs in North America and all over the world.  Our teachers work closely together to harmonize the French and America curricula and design bilingual, interdisciplinary projects that will help students to synthesize the knowledge and skills they acquire in both languages. Most importantly, all of our educators share a common goal: to develop a spirit of critical inquiry in our students. 

Bilingual Middle School Coordinator and English Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Rachel Loble, an experienced English Language Arts middle and high school teacher, has worked in international schools in Europe and Asia as well as reputable private schools in New York City. She has experience teaching English, Humanities, and French in the International Baccalaureate Programme at both the Middle Years and Diploma levels.  An enthusiastic advocate for international education, Ms. Loble looks forward to maximizing the benefits of both the American and French programs as she serves as the Coordinator for the IMS at EINY. She is currently developing the curriculum in English Language Arts and Social Studies for grades six through eight.  Ms. Loble earned her B.A. in French from Swarthmore College, an M.A. in French from the University of Minnesota, and an M.A.T. in the Teaching of Foreign Languages and Language Arts from Lewis and Clark College.

You may contact Ms. Loble via email at rachel@einy.org.

Curriculum Developer and Math and Science Teacher in English

The preparations to open the IMS began back in 2011, when EINY hired Mrs. Gayle Hampton,a curriculum developer in math and science, to develop elementary curriculum in English aligned with the IMS’s challenging middle school program.  Mrs. Hampton taught in the Elementary section of EINY for the 2012-13 academic year to familiarize herself with the unique bilingual education that we offer.

Gayle Hampton holds a M.S. in Education from Fordham University and a M.B.A from Columbia University. She is also CELTA and CLIL certified in teaching English as a Second Language.  She has studied education reform issues, international research on student achievement and emerging curriculum trends, including the new U.S. Common Core Curriculum Standards.  She held various academic positions in the NYC Department of Education, including curriculum development, teacher training, and upper elementary and middle school instruction.  Prior to a career in education, she held positions in corporate finance and commercial banking.

French Language Teacher

Mr. Franck Le Martelot joined the IMS at the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year as our French Language and Histoire/Géographie teacher. Mr. Le Martelot is certified by the French Ministry of Education to teach Lettres Modernes in middle and high school and has experience teaching in international schools.  A specialist in facilitating students’ transition from elementary to middle school,  he works closely with Ms. Loble in order to develop cross-curricular, bilingual projects for the IMS.

Born in Vannes, Mr. Le Martelot was educated in Britain before earning a master’s degree in French literature at the Sorbonne. His first job was teaching in the academy of Réunion, where he set up several artistic projects in theater and film, focusing on bilingual French/Creole. For three years he held the position of teacher responsible for the 6th grade/middle school transition.  As he was involved in primary and secondary school levels, his mission was to ensure cohesive bilingual teaching to facilitate students’ entry to college, and to harmonize the work of teachers in both cycles.

French Math and Science Teacher

Mrs. Laurence Van Koninckxloo, a native of Belgium, teaches math and science in French. She earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Louvain-La-Neuve and Agrégée de l’Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur en Sciences Naturelles. Mrs. Van Koninckxloo brings to the EINY her diverse experience teaching in top-tier international schools in Singapore and Hong Kong at the middle and high school levels in both French and English. She aims to make her students excellent academic performers from an early age, while at the same time encouraging them to become environmentally-conscious citizens of the world.