Lower School: Harmonization of French and American Programs

Both curricula are coordinated on an ongoing basis in order to complement each other and reach a more effective and constructive approach to learning.  In our bilingual system, we ensure that educational content is delivered coherently and efficiently, which will  ensure the academic success of each child in the process of acquiring a foreign language at an early age.

Teachers at all grade levels work closely together to develop program content, curriculum themes and ideas, and determine student needs. French- and English-language teachers plan together in each cycle and section, complementing and reinforcing each other’s teaching content and style. Students’ basic linguistic and logical skills are developed throughout the primary school years, when they also develop multiple intelligences through individually-focused activities and projects. Artistic and musical abilities play an important role in both programs. Creative expressions are also an enriching and vibrant part of our curricula, which features visual arts, theatre, dance, musicality, and many more.

Each child explores, develops, and refines his/her physical and tactile skills in order to process information through touch and movement while expressing their physicality and perception of their environment. Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills are a vital part in the child’s development and allow him/her to discover an identity that will grow along with the child.