Lower School: Academic Enrichment

Resource specialists

Our faculty members are able to organize reinforcement classes to help students having difficulty with their lessons. Students are assessed according to their specific need(s) and the school counselor determines the assistance that will be given to each student through the course of the year. These teachers will provide specific classroom strategies and follow-up with the students, other classroom teachers, and parents.

Special programs: ESL & FSL

ESL (English as a Second Language)
Classes are available for those students who have not had previous English language instruction. These children are taken out of class several times a week for these lessons. The students benefit from a small-group learning situation concentrating on oral and written language, grammar, and language for daily use. The progress of each child will be assessed and will condition his/her integration in the regular English class.

FSL (French as a Second Language)
Classes are available for students who have not had previous French-language instruction. These students benefit from a small-group learning situation concentrating on oral and written English, including grammar and spoken language for daily use.  The progress of each child will be regularly assessed until we are able to recommend his/her integration into the regular French classes for his/her grade level.

Specialty classes

Art class is taught in French once a week for grades 1 to 5. The aim of our artistic education is to encourage students to develop their sensitivity and creative capacities, discover works of art and grasp artistic processes. Children are encouraged to experience a variety of media (instruments, materials, supports), combine elements, attempt to establish associations, improvise, experiment, gather information and create. Students also explore New York City’s rich artistic community by visiting museums and art galleries and attending musical performances and theatre performances.

Classroom Artistic Projects: Classes à Projet Artistique et Culturel (PAC)
Each year, some of our classes participate in a partnership with local artistic companies. The teachers will develop an educational project focusing on visual arts, theatre, dance or music and will collaborate closely with local artists who want to share their art with children.

Information Technology – IT
Training the students in computer technology supports the school’s main curriculum. With French and American software, children learn how to use the multiple functions of modern technology and reinforce themes explored in the classroom. They also learn how to use the internet as an effective study aid, and their online research projects will allow them to become better communicators in the modern world.

Physical Education
French teachers teach PE classes at all levels. Every child develops appropriate athletic skills, gains physical confidence, and learns to relate to others in positive ways.

Drama & Music
Music class is taught once a week for grades 1 to 5  by the students’ French or English teacher. Drama classes are offered during their regular schedule or during the elective extracurricular classes, depending on the grade level.

Outdoor Education Program
Each year, students in grades 1 to 5 participate in an overnight outdoor education trip, which complements and enriches their studies in the classroom. These experiences outside the classroom help to develop a sense of community, responsibility, and independence in our students.  The trip also allows them to explore first-hand their relationship with nature and the environment while they have an opportunity to speak French in a natural way.