French Ministry of Education

Ecole Internationale de New York received full accreditation for all grades from the French Ministry of Education and AEFE (French Agency for the Advancement of French Abroad). The official announcement was published in the 29th issue – page 6 – of the Bulletin Officiel (publication of the French Ministry of Education) on July 21, 2011. EINY is now part of the network of 45 French schools in the U.S.A., and 440 French schools established in 135 countries around the world.


Mission Laïque Française

EINY is also affiliated with the Mission Laïque Française, an educational institution promoting French language and culture through the education of children in its network of MLF schools around the world. MLF has a network of 21 schools in the U.S.A.


EINY is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools.

EINY is also finalizing its registration with the New York State Board of Education, as well as local institutions.