Lower School: Academic Overview

Ecole Internationale de New York offers a French bilingual immersion program for students aged 3-13, from nursery through middle school. The French and American English curricula combine the French National Education program with the independent style of American classrooms while meeting the educational standards of New York State.

EINY embraces and celebrates diversity in its students and staff. Our school is the reflection of the society in which we live, where many cultures and languages coexist to create a stimulating and multicultural environment that nurtures each child. Each student studies one or several foreign languages while developing his/her own global identity through a myriad of child-centered activities and educational projects.

EINY enrolls French speaking and non-French speaking students from the local community as well as from international schools in Western Europe and around the world. Students are French, French-American, American, and international students who often speak a third language at home.

Our rigorous French and American academic curricula nurture each child’s gift for languages. They allow our students to succeed in the French, American and international school setting while developing their intellectual and personal growth in a stimulating, diverse, and multicultural environment. Students are taught some subjects in French, others in English, and the two are combined for a bi-lingual classroom session on a weekly basis. This means that language training does not occur separately from the daily lesson plans, but is accomplished simultaneously for maximum absorption by our learners.  The benefits from a dual approach to learning come from the application of the flexibility and creativity of the American system to the more rigorous French methods. The programs complement each other and their synergy allows our school to deliver academic excellence at all levels.