Middle School: Overview

The IMS completes EINY’s French/English bilingual program established in 2009 by co-founders Yves Rivaud and Clyde Javois.  In offering its immersive bilingual program in New York City, which appeals to French, American, and bi-cultural families, as well as monolingual households, EINY filled a gap in the area’s educational options, and enrollment quickly increased from 22 students in September 2009 to 160 in September 2013. EINY offers classes beginning with nursery school, and with the addition of the IMS, EINY offers a bilingual program to children ages 3-14 (Nursery-8th grade) by 2015.

The rapid growth of EINY’s primary program was evidence of a clear need for a middle school program that would permit students to continue their bilingual education, so EINY opened its International Middle School in Fall 2013. We offer a fully bilingual program that meets the exacting standards of the French National Curriculum while simultaneously offering a rigorous American curriculum, enabling students to become academically proficient in both languages.  Instruction time is evenly divided between French and English in all major subject areas, and classroom instruction is immersive in each language.

The IMS at EINY aims to create well-rounded citizens of the world, capable of critical inquiry into literary texts, mathematics, scientific theory and practice, and historical and current events in both French and English.  Students nurture and develop their identity through the arts, music, and theatre while discovering other cultures through an additional foreign language (Mandarin or Spanish) and competing in various sports activities.

Timeline for Opening

In August 2013, the IMS welcomed its inaugural sixth grade class.  In August 2014, the school will add seventh grade classes, and complete its middle school by offering eighth grade classes the following year. In the future, the IMS plans to expand to two class sections in each of the three middle school grades.

Our Students

Graduates of EINY’s elementary school make up most of the ongoing classes. The IMS also welcomes new students to the school. New students coming from France, for example, will have the opportunity to improve their English while continuing their studies in French.  These students will be qualified to take the Brevet des Collèges in ninth grade.  American or international students with limited knowledge of French will be able to enhance their abilities in French while maintaining their academic studies in English.


The IMS at EINY is currently accepting applications for all grades for the 2014-15 school year. Prospective IMS students should contact us to schedule a tour and interview. Please visit the Admissions section of our general website for more details on the application process.  You may also contact the Middle School Coordinator, Ms. Rachel Loble, at Rachel@einy.org for more information.