Each language is a window opened on another world, on another landscape,
on another structure of human values.

Georges Steiner, French Philosopher

The Ecole Internationale de New York supports and challenges its students to become well educated, bilingual, bicultural, well-rounded, and responsible world citizens.

EINY combines the best of the French system, which provided a “common core” curriculum decades before the concept took hold in America, with the best of the American system by offering students the rigorous, classical and disciplined instruction so prominent in French schools combined with the more fluid teaching of the American system, encouraging critical thinking, questioning, and creativity.

EINY students are immersed in French and in English, but the goal isn't just to teach French and English. These languages are also the means by which we teach math, science, reading, geography, history, art and physical education. Therefore, our students learn French and English by studying in French and in English. This means that member of our instructional staff is simultaneously a language teacher and a subject teacher, and the French and English curricula are harmonized so that the instruction efficiently advances both.

EINY offers a third language in the core curriculum beginning in third grade, and will soon offer a fourth, making the school even more international, which will further enrich the academic experience. An EINY education exposes children to a “global” knowledge, drawing out the potential within each student while encouraging them to be lifelong learners. Students of EINY learn to speak, think, and cooperate in multiple languages while they work with teachers and classmates from countries other than their own, resulting in a rich academic experience.

EINY promotes diversity at all levels and educates its student body on many cultures’ unique properties. Our students come from multiple nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds, and all who attend the school are exposed to our bilingual French immersion program as well as the other languages that are supported by our French and American curricula and extra-curricular activities. EINY students further benefit from cultural programs offered through EINY’s partnerships with New York’s artistic, historical and cultural communities. This symbiosis of cultures makes EINY unique by exposing students to the global human experience.

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